As part of joining the racing series, we at SPEC CORVETTE have negotiated fantastic sponsorship deals with industry leaders in order to provide high quality products that not only are proven to perform, but with money saving kits and special pricing EXCLUSIVELY available only to registered members racing in SPEC CORVETTE. Please see below for our list of the OFFICIAL SPEC CORVETTE SPONSORS.

AFE Control, a leading suspension engineering and design company, has been chosen to be the EXCLUSIVE coilover suspension supplier to SPEC CORVETTE. AFE's Pfadt Series suspension components have been proven both on and off the track to provide the user with the utmost in quality, performance, and engineering. AFE Control will be providing a SPEC CORVETTE bundle package that consists of Race Valved Coilovers, Upgraded Sway Bar set, Monoball Control Arm Bushings, Camber Kit, and Tow hooks for a total performance package.
Please visit AFE Control at: www.afecontrol.com

Wilwood Brakes, the leader in braking upgrade kits, will be the EXCLUSIVE supplier of 6 Piston caliper big braking kits for SPEC CORVETTE. The C5 Corvette is notorious for severe pad taper and reduced pad life under racing conditions. In order to provide a weekend free of brake pad/rotor maintenance, Wilwood high performance brakes have been chosen to replace the factory front brake set up. This well designed kit will increase clamping force, reduce pad wear, reduce rotor consumption, and increase safety in our SPEC CORVETTES.
Please visit Wilwood Brakes at: www.wilwood.com/

Falken Tire, the leader in high performance tire design, will be the EXCLUSIVE supplier of tires to SPEC CORVETTE. The series has chosen to run Falken's all new Ultra High Performance tire, the 615k+. With a super sticky compound and performance tread design, the Falken 615K+ will give SPEC CORVETTES the grip needed to perform, while still maintaining excellent wet weather performance.
Please visit Falken Tire at: www.falkentire.com

FFP Fire has been serving southern california for over 30 years as the leader in fire extinguisher service, sprinklers, supplies, and suppression systems. At frontier fire, your safety is their number 1 priority. Frontier is able to give you expert advice with competitive pricing. They are also an authorized stocking dealer for FIREBOTTLE brand suppression systems. Not only is FFP an excellent resource to fill your fire needs, but the CEO is a certified SPEC Corvette racer!
Please visit FFP Fire at: www.ffpfire.com

Powerstop brakes pads and high carbon rotors will be the EXCLUSIVE supplier of performance brake pads and rotors to the SPEC CORVETTE series for those running OEM brake calipers. Their line of platform specific formulated pads have proven to be the best all around brake pads for street and track. They are easy on rotors yet have excellent stopping power with no fading.
Please visit Powerstop Brakes at: www.powerstop.com

Trackspec Motorsports, the leader in engineered cooling and aerodynamic products, will be the EXCLUSIVE supplier of heat extraction hood vents to SPEC CORVETTE. The series has chosen to run Trackspec's proven C5 T1 Corvette heat extractor kit. The superior design of the Trackspec vents will reduce engine operating temperatures, underhood pressure, and aerodynamic lift allowing the competition cars to run cooler and stay planted.
Please visit Trackspec Motorsports at: www.trackspecmotorsports.com