Spec Corvette Brings America’s Sports Car and World Class Speed to Aspiring Racers

1. Do I need a license to run this series? Yes, you need a license from either SCCA or NASA.
2. Is this class a wheel to wheel racing class? Yes.
3. If my car is over modified, can I still run for fun? Yes, we will allow racing for exhibition and fun with our class.
4. Is Race gas allowed? No. The highest octane allowed to run is 91 in Southern Cal region. Other regions must be limited to Premium pump gas that is readily available at every pump station in that region. For example, if 93 is available as premium fuel at the local texaco, that is the highest octane allowed to run. Regional directors will determine this. NO RACE GAS, period.
5. What level racers are entering the series? We have racers from all levels, from first time wheel to wheelers to full on SCCA/NASA title holders.
6. Can I run my car stock and build it to SPEC as I go? Absolutely. The rules allow for stock GM hardware to be run with very little disadvantage to the fully built cars. The only real requirements are safety and tires. The vehicle must meet or exceed SCCA/NASA safety requirements. Tires must be the SPEC tires. We highly recommend at least changing to Powerstop brakes pads/rotors and motul fluid at a minimum for safety reasons. In addition, full personal safety gear is required, included but not limited to a HANS device, SCCA approved helmet, full fire suit and accompanying gear, nets, harness and etc. Please follow the SCCA GRC for full safety instructions. SPEC Corvette is not liable for lack of vehicle or personal safety. Any vehicle/person that does not pass TECH will be turned away immediately, no exceptions.
7. Can I use other hood vents or just cut holes in my hood? No, the required hood vent SPEC are Trackspec Motorsports C5 T1 hood vents installed in specific locations.
8. If I have an aftermarket extractor hood, can I use that instead of the Trackspec Units? No, the vehicles must be consistent in both appearance and performance. Only a factory hood with SPEC vents are allowed.
9. I have different shocks. Can I use my shocks instead of the SPEC AFE set up? No, shocks are not open. SPEC Corvettes may only run GM stock, GM T1, or AFE Spec Corvette coilovers.
10. Can I run a T1 sway bar? Yes.
11. Can I run a factory sway bar off a production C5? Yes. You may use any C5 Factory sway bar that came with any C5.
12. Are camber plates open or must I use the AFe camber kit? Yes, Camber kits are open to lock alignment in place.
13. Are brake ducts allowable? Yes, you are allowed to run brake ducts thru the factory, unmodified front facia opening.