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Spec Corvette Brings America’s Sports Car and World Class Speed to Aspiring Racers

Huntington Beach, CA, June 1, 2017 -- Today, Spec Corvette announces a new racing class for enthusiasts looking to go fast on a low-cost build that requires minimal maintenance. The class is born from a grassroots demand to improve the former SCCA T1 class dominated by Corvettes from 1999 to 2011. Recently in SCCA T1, several rule changes killed the once thriving class, causing cars, drivers, and enthusiasm to disperse elsewhere. NASA ST2 is popular, but the build requirements are getting more expensive and sophisticated. Spec Corvette is designed to fix these problems. Spec racing classes garner the highest entry participation of all classes, but are mostly comprised of slower, low-horsepower cars. Spec Corvette brings an outstanding chassis mated to a 400 horsepower engine that is economical to race and maintain for its category. LS engines, as used in Spec Corvette, are plentiful, powerful, lightweight and inexpensive when compared with other options.

The excellent chassis of the C5 Corvette is further improved upon due to Spec Corvette sponsor partnerships with aFe Power, Wilwood Racing Brakes, and Falken Tires. Special bundle packages and deeply discounted pricing have been negotiated with these manufacturers to give Spec Corvette racers the ability to build cars with top-performing parts for less than $20,000, including the purchase price of the vehicle. Suspension parts from aFe Control include single adjustable coil-over shocks, racing sway bars, spherical a-arm bearings, camber kit and tow hooks. Wilwood Racing Brakes has packaged a special six-piston front caliper and mounting kit mated to 355 mm two-piece rotors, pads and stainless-steel brake hoses. Falken Tire is providing its fast new 200 treadwear 615k+ performance tire as the spec tire for the series.

The $20,000 or less build cost of a Spec Corvette is based upon the C5 base coupe, FRC or Z06 platform. That build cost includes everything needed to start racing with a competitive car. Included in that budget, in addition to the items from series sponsors, are all safety requirements such as the roll cage, race seat, harness, fire system, race wheels, first set of race tires and the vehicle itself.

The class philosophy for Spec Corvette is to promote equal competition of the C5 generation cars with a build that is under $20,000, excluding build labor. Performance benchmarks on the car are targeted to be very similar to what 2010 SCCA T1 Corvette specifications could achieve. For example, lap times at Willow Springs International Raceway under 1:30. Streets of Willow Springs under 1:19 and under 1:50 at Auto Club Speedway ROval. A tight but fast and competitive set of car specifications will allow Spec Corvette cars to easily cross over to SCCA T2 and NASA ST class racing.

Spec Corvette is targeting new and veteran racers. There is an under-served market at track days with advanced drivers and time trialers looking to go to the next level in a fast, fun and easy manner. Those drivers often see a lot of friction with existing car and racing rule sets. That bureaucracy is intimidating and complicated. Spec Corvette addresses that problem for new racers. There are many veteran racers looking for a fresh, new challenge. A good example is Spec Miata where many drivers are looking for an economical, but faster experience. Other veterans are tired of racing in classes with low class counts and where the racing budget wins the race, not the driver. Spec Corvette is responding to a grassroots demand that has been over-looked by the traditional race sanctioning bodies.

Spec Miata veteran Rob Burgoon says, "I've been patiently waiting for a class that has the potential to be the next Spec Miata. To replicate the success of that class, you need the right chassis and the right rule set. I believe the C5 coupe is that chassis. By leveraging the lessons learned from Spec Miata, T1, and more recent classes, we can create a rule set that will provide better for racing, faster lap times, easier tech, and a more cost-effective experience."

Why are top quality Spec Corvette kits so affordable? The Spec Corvette founders cut deals with the sponsors to benefit the drivers and not a sanctioning body. Most race series charge sponsors large sums to be affiliated and then force racers to use the required parts at full retail so the sponsors can see an ROI. Our approach is different where the grassroots racer comes first. Spec Corvette cut deals for massive discounts on quality parts specified by the series in exchange for drivers running the sponsor stickers on all four sides of the race cars. Spec Corvette, like all race series, will charge a reasonable entry and series registration fees to pay for administration and awards. Spec Corvette will run with SCCA, NASA and regional racing groups who are hungry for car counts. At this point, there will not be exclusivity with any one sanctioning body, unless they offer Spec Corvette enticing terms that benefits all the racers.

Spec Corvette is still small and grassroots, with its nucleus coming from southern California’s large racing and track day community. Quietly, nine drivers have formulated the specifications and rules for building Spec Corvette and negotiated with essential sponsor partner manufacturers to provide special pricing for registered racers to Spec Corvette. Until today, this has been kept fairly quiet. The Spec Corvette community is acutely aware of the problems of too many car classes and the high failure rate of new classes. Nine racers does not make for a successful nationwide series at this point, but careful market research indicates Spec Corvette has superb growth potential. Specific care has been taken to address the underserved needs in the market to provide a fast, affordable and fun racecar. Racing will start formally in 2018 with some local test races in the second half of 2017 in southern California.

This announcement is made with the launch of, Spec Corvette Facebook Page, and @Spec_Corvette instagram page. The web page is focused on the rule set, spec parts and general education on the Spec Corvette racing philosophy. The Facebook page is targeted at serving the Spec Corvette racing community by featuring car builds in progress and interaction with the racers. In addition, a new Spec Corvette section has been created at as a place for racer discussion to address corvette specific needs.

About Spec Corvette
Spec Corvette is for Drivers who are looking to go to the next level in sports car racing in a class with these three basic tenets: 1. The car needs to be very fast 2. It is an economical build. 3. The car will be low maintenance. Spec Corvette provides a build cost of under $20,000; compete with top notch suspension, brakes, and all required safety cage and equipment for a car that will provide head-turning lap times at any track.

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